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Born to Otto and Hildegard in January 1850, in the manor house on the estate of Schönwald, Luise Marie-Térèse Dorothea Hélène looked like her mother, but had her father’s gleeful, energetic approach to life. Not only was Luise more robust physically and emotionally than her mother, she had far more intelligence and imagination.

Hildegard understood nothing about Luise, to the point of feeling ashamed of and embarrassed by her only child instead of being proud of her.

Otto, on the other hand, delighted in his daughter, who became both son and daughter to him, as well as providing him with a substitute for the companionship that was not available in his marriage.

The contrast in the way she was treated by her father and by her mother forced Luise to rely on herself more than children normally did in those days. She rode wild and free across the estate on her pony, with her dog, entertaining herself with made up games in the forests and meadows, becoming self-reliant, curious, and headstrong.

Although she is a spoiled child in one sense, Otto’s insistence on good behaviour means Luise is not entirely a brat.  She’s good hearted and cheerful, but she has learned to ignore the things her mother says to her, which at times leads to her ignoring rules she should have obeyed.

She is handicapped by an injury to her right shoulder that she got from falling in the stream and being rescued by her dog, a black spaniel named Franz.  She is frustrated by being not able to move around the estate the way she used to.  With the staff being busy preparing for winter, Luise rides out to her meadow without being seen.  While there she meets Jean-Philippe, and they play together.

Jean-Emile joins them and the three children play together for the five weeks that the Frenchmen are on the estate.

Although the deception of the staff and her father causes a rift between Luise and her father, she is profoundly changed by the boys.  They gave her a look into a life that she’d had no idea existed.


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