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Jean Beaulieu

First Trilogy
All Manor of Yarns

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A Stitch in Time


Tinctures & Tantrums

Second Trilogy
The Snow Queen and
The Caterpillar


There is a Season


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Third Trilogy
Taffeta Tales


British Yarns


Polish Yarns


Threads of Strife

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Tall, dark haired and swarthy, Jean Beaulieu insisted on being known as the vicomte de Beaulieu, but in fact he came under the category that there were more aristocrats in France after the Revolution than there were before.


He was set on showing as good an appearance as he could, and was frustrated by the people around him to didn’t live up to his plans. He was cruel and unfeeling to his family, his children as well as his wife, though he treated his four eldest sons somewhat differently. Determined to recover a grande lineage, he set about trying to have a dozen sons to hand down his expertise to, and the four eldest seemed to him to be heaven sent to get his lineage started.


Pompous and proud, it was beneath Jean to consider that he might be part of the bourgeoisie. He knew he came from finer stock than that, even though he couldn’t prove it. With his four sons, he would establish himself.


His family firm was not mere trading, buying and selling, it was a dynasty, and he would see it expanded to the biggest, most profitable, and well run organisation in France or die in the effort. Each of Jean's sons was trained to specialise in an aspect of his company. By the time he met Otto von Goff, he had ten sons, the eldest four of whom were adult and working in the family firm.


The daughter who came after the four, and the younger sons gave him permanent disappointment and frustration. He was heavy handed with them, often beating them and his wife because his impossible dream of himself was not being satisfied and he blamed them instead of taking a look at his life.


Jean had no love of Prussians or Prussia, but he tolerated dealing with Otto because it was such a good business opportunity. He planned to expand his dealings with Prussia to expand his future.


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