Characters in Depth:
Jean-Émile Beaulieu

First Trilogy
All Manor of Yarns

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Prussian Yarns


A Stitch in Time


Tinctures & Tantrums

Second Trilogy
The Snow Queen and
The Caterpillar


There is a Season


 Viennese Yarns



Third Trilogy
Taffeta Tales


British Yarns


Polish Yarns


Threads of Strife

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Jean-Émile was thirteen years old when he, his brothers Jean-Luc, Jean-Paul, and Jean-Philippe accompanied their father to Prussia. At first he wasn’t very interested in Prussia.


He was envious when Jean-Philippe was excused from their father’s negotiations. He found them unbelievably tedious and boring to sit through. It was even worse when the older boys questioned him about it and then beat him for his answers. He was pleased with being sent to find Jean-Philippe and find out what he was doing. He was determined to make his brother pay for his discomfort.


Instead he discovered that Jean-Philippe was playing with Luise von Goff. His original horror turned to enjoyment of her company, so much so that he planned to play with her every moment he could. At first he excused his behaviour to himself, but in the end he admitted that Luise was the most interesting girl he’d ever met.


Jean-Émile covered for Jean-Philippe so that they could play and investigate Schönwald together. He let his imagination run free there, inventing a bridge and climbing around the bats. He imagined himself as an adult living in a place like that with forests and fields and secret places.


Although he turned against Luise when she showed them her house and they saw the extent of it, it had entered his mind in a way nothing else had.  It was after they’d left that he realised what the place had meant to him.


At thirteen the brief, stolen play had imprinted Luise in his heart, and the stay on the land had filled him with a longing that never left him.


The play with Luise was innocent and pure, the last innocent and pure play of his life, so it stayed with him.


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