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Kurt was the second of Helmuth’s sons. He was long and tall, blond and blue eyed. He helped take care of his older brother, who was slow, and he accepted Emma as his mother. He was proud of both of his sisters, and tolerant of his younger brother, Wolfgang, though he knew he sloughed off from his work.


Sloughing off from work was not Kurt’s way. He worked hard and took pride in it. He appreciated Otto as Gutsherr, knowing others around them were not as fortunate. He worked hard with the horses, and the other tasks of the land, and kept his work clothes neat and tidy for Otto. He was pleased that Otto repaid him by promoting him and depending on him in many ways despite his youth.


His sister, Cosima, took after him, and to a lesser extent so did young Ursula. Cosima saw him when she went out with Luise, but he only saw Ursula at his first breakfast each morning.


He took on Ulf Ritter when he showed up looking for work, despite his father’s warnings not to mess with the Ritters. He was pleased for Otto to permit it, saying that the little boy was to sleep in the hay since he’d been disowned and had to be fed and dressed. Kurt enjoyed having the little boy there, playing with him when he was idle waiting for Luise, and seeing him grow in his ways with the horses.


Emma took the small boy on, making sure he was dressed and fed, and scolding Kurt for playing with him. She considered it appalling that Rolf Ritter treated him the way he did, as did Luise. To her, a father not providing for his family was shocking in a way it wasn’t for the adults, and she did as much to help the family as the adults would allow her to.


After Kurt’s experiences in his childhood, he could not turn Quappe away. He concentrated on making his life as good as he could, and in getting things to the family that the adults allowed. After losing his mother and sisters and living with Slow Markus, he couldn’t imagine what would have happened to him, his brother and father if Emma hadn’t come into their lives, so he showed what he could to Quappe.


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