Characters in Depth:
Sabine Hiestand

First Trilogy
All Manor of Yarns

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Prussian Yarns


A Stitch in Time


Tinctures & Tantrums

Second Trilogy
The Snow Queen and
The Caterpillar


There is a Season


 Viennese Yarns



Third Trilogy
Taffeta Tales


British Yarns


Polish Yarns


Threads of Strife

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Sabine was born in the service of Clothild’s family. Her mother was the attendant to Clothild’s step-mother, and she grew up with the von Pressen children, playing with them and being schooled alongside them. Sabine, who was called ‘Bina,’ was a little slow, but much loved.


So, when Clothild was married off, she took Bina with her. She wanted to be sure of what would happen to her, and she wanted a piece of her home with her. The only way she could have either was by taking a helper who was an integral part of her original household.


Clothild and Sabine stuck together no matter what Friedrich did. She was far more than a helpmate, she helped and supported Clothild, giving her the strength to carry on and hold her head high.


Unaware of the profound effect she had, Sabine considered herself to be a burden on Clothild, forever grateful for the kindnesses of her mistress.


After Clothild died, Sabine came under Frau Blücher. Clothild had warned her that Frau Blücher was not to be trusted, but Sabine had no one to turn to, and fell in with Blücher’s plans. It was a long time before Otto found out what had been done. Then Sabine could see she’d been duped, and was contrite.


She had liked Luise when Clothild was alive, but she couldn’t bear to have her in Clothild’s things. When Otto ordered her to be an old auntie to Luise, a life-long attachment to the girls started.


Luise called her Tante Bina, which reminded her of her childhood. As they talked about Clothild as she had been, Sabine was as happy and fulfilled as she had ever been. She also became fond of Kirsten, not as Luise’s companion, but for her own self, which pleased them both.


The staff looked after Tante Bina, keeping her in clothes and listening to her at meals. With their attention her final years were comfortable, even if she didn’t recognise it.


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